Pyhäjoki is a tiny village near the coast of the Baltic Sea and only about 3,500 people live here. 

Three times a year we offer job shadowing for the pre-, primary and secondary education and daycare too (5-18-year-olds).  There are two Erasmus+ coordinators available to help you: 

– Marianne: a special needs teacher in Saaren koulu, which is a primary and lower secondary school 

– Minna: an upper secondary school English teacher in Pyhäjoen lukio

We organise a job shadowing week several times a year. Here are next next availabilities: 

2024February 26 – 29no places left 
2024May 13 – 17 7 places left
2024August 26 – 3010 places 
2025 May 5 – 910 places 

We accept circa ten teachers per each job shadowing week (maximum three from a particular school) and do not charge for the visit.  You as a visitor will obviously pay for the travelling and accommodation yourselves with an Erasmus+ grant. We offer school lunches and tea/coffee. 

For the travel arrangements, we would suggest that you fly – Finnair, Lufthansa and even Ryanair fly to Helsinki regularly – to Oulu (OUL) via Helsinki (HEL) and hire a car from the Oulu Airport. There are several international car hire companies there such as Hertz and Sixt.

It’s about an hour’s drive to Pyhäjoki from the Oulu airport. Most of our job shadowing guests hire a car because this way you can travel around in your free time and visit other places too. Public transport is not very efficient in the Finnish countryside. You can even drive to see Santa Clause – he’s about four to five hours away in Rovaniemi!

For the accommodation there are several options, for example:

  • Kielosaari Riverside Cottages and Camping
    • Johanna Kivinen +358 50 30 21 224 /

The booking is confirmed by agreeing on the participants (2-3 per school), the programme and returning of the learning agreement(s). Please let us know if you need a written invitation for the authorities. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! 

Contact details:

Marianne Salmivuori, 40 359 61 58Saaren koulu, Pyhäjoki Koulutie 986100 PyhäjokiFinland
Minna Lapinkangas, 40 359 61 38Pyhäjoen lukioKoulutie 886100 Pyhäjoki Finland