Pyhäjoen lukio (Pyhäjoki Upper Secondary School) has an entrepreneurial and international profile although the curriculum follows the national approach. The school is relatively small – only about a hundred students and ten teachers – but it has an active role in the community through the preparation and distribution of the local paper. 

The main aim of the school is to educate through offering the students possibilities in learning by doing and challenging their own learning strategies. Writing of newspaper articles, designing and marketing advertisements and producing the actual layout of the weekly newspaper is a part of the school curriculum. It works as a recruitment tool for the wider regional area for future students. 

Pyhäjoen Kuulumiset is an important detail of the local school curriculum. Kuulumiset is still going strong after over thirty years of publishing. Nowadays you´ll find Kuulumiset on the internet by Thursday every week and twice a year it even carries a section in English.  

The entrepreneurial spirit is also evident in the organisation of the annual Autumn Fair – Messut – in September. It is entirely prepared and managed by the second-year students and visited by around 1,500 people per year. 

The school also aims to promote students’ well-being within the school community. Learning together as a school and finding new approaches to education through international cooperation and network further the progress of student excellence at school and also in the future. 

The Erasmus+ coordinators who have experience in European partnerships work in teams to disseminate the information of the projects and involve the whole school and the community in the benefits of the cooperation. Meeting international students, teachers and visitors is an integral element of the International Strategy in Pyhäjoki. 

Most students are offered a chance to travel abroad within the many Erasmus+ programmes made possible by the recent accreditation charter (from 2021). Internationalisation at home, for example in the form of exchange students, is also a part of the school ethos.


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Erasmus+Coordinator: Minna Lapinkangas,, +358403596138